you better BELIZE it!


Ok I must confess, this trip was heavily focused on work and investment opportunities 😦 but it was very productive 🙂 and you better Belize it! See what I did there?

While Belize was on my list of countries to visit, the scope of the trip changed after a fellow KCOB (high school alumnus) invited me to stay at his vacation home in Corozal, Belize.  Poor men don’t say no. I altered my travel plans to coincide with his. It was very nice to stay in a room with a nice bed and hot shower. I tell you, this was a far cry from my hostel days. I even had cable TV at my disposal, what?!

My host showed me around town, educated me on the way of life in Belize, and introduced me to the good people of Corozal.

First stop was a roadside “restaurant”

I was also allowed to witness the breaking of ground for a new lagoon estate/resort very close to the Mexican border. It got me thinking.

Some of my best experiences involved haggling over prices with the locals in the market (Naija no dey carry last); eating fresh food, emphasis on fresh because produce you get from the market have been brought in from a farm on a daily basis; and cranking the wheels on the local ferry to get from point A to point B.

Engineering comes in all shapes and forms. That’s yours truly operating the ferry, or as I called it, “bridge boat”.
The price haggling was worth it! Nothing like homemade food.
Local beer. I’ve been drinking too much, me thinks.

Most of my stay consisted of sleeping in, analyzing real estate investments, eating, and drinking! Not too shabby for a jungle boy. I will have much more to say about Belize when I go back there. Next time, I will focus on cave tubing, the Mayan ruins, snorkeling, and most definitely, diving!

Getting around Belize is super easy; you can go from the sleepy/restful town of Corozal to the party and tourist-infested beaches of San Pedro in a couple of hours. I certainly enjoyed the speed boat ride.

Journey from Corozal to San Pedro.

If I felt rested in Corozal, I certainly felt alive in San Pedro. The island vibe spoke to my soul. From eating fresh fish and drinking beer on the beach, to taking boat rides to other parts of the island, or chilling and pretending to play music with the local Rastafarians, San Pedro will always hold a special place in my heart.

Golf carts and boats are the most common modes of transportation. I rented one to not feel left out.

Many thanks to the good doctor and his lovely wife for letting me stay, eat good food, and recharge my bones at their Belizean home. If anyone is interested in owning a still* affordable home in a lovely country, I could be of help.

*Given my experiences traveling across Central America, it is my belief that Belize will be the next country to see a high influx of western vacationers and retirees which will drive up demand and therefore, prices. I would highly recommend investing early as prices will only continue to rise as the government continues its all out blitz campaign on Belizean tourism. Trust me, I’ve seen first hand the value of owning a home in Central America. The gringos always move early, and they are doing the same in Belize now. If you want to know when to invest in something, follow the gringo path!

And now for my shameless plug: I recently became an agent of sorts for a new development in northern Belize. Message me if interested in learning more about the benefits of real estate investment in Belize. Follow the gringos!

Song of the day: I’ll Fly With You by Gigi D’Agostino. So during my last night in San Pedro, Belize, this song was played in a bar and it sent shock waves through my system. You see, in summer of 2001, I met a girl (let’s call her miss A.) under a tree near school in Nancy, France. To cut a very long story short, we met around early evening (about 4pm) and remained under that tree talking, until her friends found us at about 10pm and asked if we wanted to join in for a night out. We agreed. In the car, we played this song on repeat everywhere we went that night.

And it became our song. I don’t know if we fell in love with each other, but we certainly left a lot with each other, so much so that 16 years later, I still think about her from time to time. So miss A., wherever you are, this is for you. Thanks for the times we shared; those were some of my best days. I flew away with you













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