In my previous post, I revealed plans to go on my own version of a ‘walkabout’. I should like to elaborate further.

While traveling, I will be testing a theory I have. It is a bit highfalutin, so bear with me. I truly believe that when stripped down to their foundation, taking out behaviour, attitude, and culture, humans are very much the same. So in spite of man’s or woman’s (because I’m a feminist ;)) differences, we are more similar than we are dissimilar. Maya Angelou said it best in her ‘Human Family’ poem – “We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike”.

Exactly how I will be testing said theory is still TBD (cut me some slack please).

Anyway, for good or bad, here is more a list than an itinerary of the initial countries I will be *cough* doing my research in.

Americas: Cuba, Belize, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, and Canada.

This is the first leg of a three-leg excursion. I am leaving out dates by design because YOLO, but I can confirm that I will be lifting off next week and making a pit stop in the US sometime in August. If you want to meet me in one or more of the countries identified as some of you have intimated/confirmed, then please reach out to me and we will plan for that.

Subsequent posts will reveal the list of countries for the second leg: Africa. So stay tuned.

Song of the Day: At the end of every write up, I will share a ‘Song of the Day’. It could be based on how I feel, the message of the song, or whatever I’m listening to at that very moment. Basically, there is no science to how I pick the songs, but the idea is simply to leave a piece of me with you that day. Today’s pick is End of the Line by VVE. It is a beautiful song about moving on and letting go. Kind of applies to me. I hope you enjoy it.

Happy Mother’s day to my beautiful mum and every mother out there. When darkness comes, may you find light to lead you.


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